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Salvador welcomes Digital Nomads

The pandemic caused by covid-19 brought the biggest crisis ever faced in the world today, but it also brought one of the most significant changes of the period: the home office revolution.

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You are always welcome to live like a Digital Nomad in Salvador and enjoy all the city's infrastructure, click the button and find out how to participate.

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The partner hotels of the Digital Nomads Salvador Program offer several services and structures and you can choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle. And Salvador has everything you need not only to work remotely, but also to socialize, exchange ideas and effectively network with the local innovative community. Click on the buttons below and learn more about what our partners have to offer to make your experience as a Digital Nomad in Salvador unforgettable.

Nomads Digital Badge

Our partners receive the Nomads Salvador Digital Badge

The badge ”Digital Nomads Salvador” created by SEMIT is awarded to accommodation facilities, coworkings, cafes and restaurants that offer the quality of connection required to carry out remote work.


With the word some of the Digital Nomads of Salvador

Vanessa Vilela

Venture Manager of Cubos Tecnologia

For me, being a digital nomad is living to the fullest! Thanks to the possibilities of remote work, the opportunity to experience different cities, cultures and landscapes. Being close to what is essential for me daily, such as beaches and nature, certainly raised my levels of productivity and happiness. After all, who doesn't work happier waking up in an inspiring place? Better than all this is knowing that I can go wherever I go but I can always go back to my Salvador.