What is Digital Nomads Salvador

Incentive program for remote workers and entrepreneurs, better known as Digital Nomads, to obtain benefits during their temporary stays in the capital of Bahia.


● Affordable hosting prices and exclusive program discounts;

● Fast and free wifi network connection;

● Workspaces in cafes & coworking;

● Access to technology partners;

● Possibilities of Business;

● Networking opportunities;

● Program badge (passport) Digital Nomads;

About Digital Nomads Salvador

The pandemic caused by covid-19 brought the biggest crisis ever faced in the world today, but it also brought one of the most significant changes of the period: the home office revolution

People's relationship with work has changed across the planet. Digital nomad's lifestyle has become an option for those who like to work without being stuck in the routine of an office, allowing many to decide which city to live in, regardless of where their business works and is established.

If it was something rare before 2020, today digital nomadism has become more common. Nowadays, it´s currently common to apply for a job, go through the selection process, and start in a new position, without even having to step inside the company's headquarters once.

According to information from the Nomad List website, the main portal on digital nomadism, it is estimated that by 2035 there will be 1 billion digital nomads in the world.

Data from PNAD Covid, released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), indicated that in November 2020 there were already 7.3 million Brazilians working remotely.

Following this trend, the City of Salvador is pleased to invite Digital Nomads from all over the world to experience all the wonders that our city offers. Come live and get to know Salvador's culture, enjoy the energy and joy of our people. Come work in front of the sea, taking advantage of the entire infrastructure of the Ecosystem of Innovation in Salvador!